Swedish dairies processed more milk in 2020

The total amount of milk brought to the Swedish dairies in 2020 increased by 2.5 percent, compared to 2019. For organic milk, the amount increased by almost 4 percent. This is stated in a new statistics report from Jordbruksverket.


The total amount of milk in 2020 was 2,772,000 tonnes. The proportion of organic milk was 481,000 tonnes. Compared with the figures for 2019, the total amount increased by 68,000 tonnes or 2.5 percent. Organic milk increased by 17,000 tonnes or almost 4 percent compared with data from 2019.

The milk was used to produce 694,000 tonnes of drinking milk and 236,000 tonnes of fermented dairy products. This meant a reduction in drinking milk by 5 percent, and an increase in fermented products by 6 percent, compared with 2019.

The production of cream, cheese and butter increased compared with the previous year, while the production of milk powder decreased.

The report ”Animal production, annual and monthly statistics – 2020: 12” also have statistics concerning the slaughter of agricultural animals. For example, 434,400 cattle were slaughtered, corresponding to 141,000 tonnes. The slaughter of cattle increased by 1 percent compared to 2019. Read more HERE