Organic sales are growing again — except for milk

A new report from Ekologiska Lantbrukarna shows that the sales value of Swedish-produced organic food increased by 2.6 percent in 2020. As an exception the sales of organic dairy dropped by 1,9 percent

For two years in a row, sales of Swedish-produced organic food have been falling. Now new statistic shows a trend break according to Jordbruksaktuelt (

The report ”Swedish eco-index 2020 quarter 4” presents new statistics developed by The Nielsen Company. The numbers show that the sales value of Swedish-produced organic food increased by SEK 133 million during 2020. The statistics also show that there was an increase for all organic food during the year, something that KRAV confirms in its recently published statistics on KRAV-labelled food in 2020.

The results differ from the preliminary analysis Ekoweb previously made in its annual market report, which showed that sales of organic food declined during the year.

The report also highlights the differences in different categories of organic food – and notes the sales value of organic dairy products decreased with 50 mio. SEK (1,9 precent).

– We are worried about the trend for organic milk, because we also know that a large part of organic milk goes to public kitchens and other food services, which have reduced their purchases due to the pandemic. This is serious and not just for dairy farmers. Cows are absolutely crucial for well-functioning cycles, biological diversity and continued development in all organic farming, says Sofia Sollén-Norrlin, operations manager at Organic Farmers, in a press release.