Milk suppliers to Skånemejerier consider the future for Fipros AB

Last year Skånemejerier ekonomisk förening bought the majority of shares from the ingredient manufacturer Fipros AB in Kågeröd. The new owners still keep their cards close to the chest, chairman Anders Rolfsson says.


The dairy in Kågeröd has had a long and changing story with many different owners. I 2009 the facility was sold by Skånemejerier to the Danish company Fipros A/S, which is engaged in contract production for the food and pharmaceutical industy. It is a company is in good growth.

Now the dairy is back on the hands of Skånemejerier ekonomisk förening – the association, which consists of milk producers who supply to Skånemejerier AB.

The Danish minority owner remains as CEO and the company continues under the name Fipros AB. has interviewed the chairman of Skånemejerier ekonomisk förening, Anders Rolfsson, now also chairman of Fipros AB.

He rejects that there are current plans to procced raw milk from the members at the facility – ’at least not right now’.

– We will see how we choose to develop this company. Of course, we have an idea with the acquisition, but we do not want to say more about that yet, Anders Rolfsson says to

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