Arla sues the municipality of Boxholm

The conflict over the dairy in Boxholm continues. Now Arla has sued the municipality of Boxholm and the new owner ÖMF Invest / Glada bonden.

The dairy in Boxholm has been the centre of conflict for a very long time. The recent dispute over the dairy began in the autumn of 2020 after Arla sold the facility to Boxholm municipality, which shortly afterwards sold it on to Glada bonden. The disagreements have been about what equipment was included in the purchase and what the dairy might be used for.

According to Swedish Radio P4 Ösergötland Arla Foods is now suing the municipality of Boxholm and ÖMF Invest / Glada bonden, demanding the right to certain equipment in the dairy. This includes a pair of tanks and a filter. The application is very comprehensive with 35 appendices and contains previously unknown emails from municipal director Göran Lundström to ÖMF’s representatives.

Ylva Nykvist, who is Arla’s General Counsel, believes that Boxholm’s municipality may have violated several laws. Göran Lundström does not want to comment, when asked by the radio, because he had not yet read the lawsuit, he answered.

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