Two municipalities skip the milk for the sake of the climate

The municipalities, Karlskoga and Degerfors, have stopped serving milk in their high schools (gymnasieskolorna red.) as a part of their environmental efforts.

– We will try a concept for a sustainable meal, based on our environmental thinking. We do this e.g., by removing the milk as a drink for the meal in high school, Maria Sjödahl Nilsson, operations manager for diet in Karlskoga and Desgerfors, says P4 Örebro.

The municipalities choose to keep the milk in primary school.

– The milk fits quite well in primary school. It is in fact only the recommendation for small children to drink milk, she says.

While Maria Sjödahl Nilsson denies that the economy plays a role in relation to dropping the milk, Martin Hårsmar (M), who is chairman of the public health committee in Karlskoga, says to that saving considerations lies behind the decision.

Jordbruksaktuelt has also talked to a local milk producer, Thomas Danielsson, who is LRF’s sustainability ambassador in Örebro County. He criticizes that the municipality uses climate arguments:

– It is sad that the municipality excludes a food that is produced within the municipality. From a climate point of view, there are other foods you could consider making the meal more sustainable – e.g., imported foods, he says.

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