Arla wins municipal purchase agreement worth SEK 40 million

Arla and Eskilstuna municipality has agreed on purchase of dairy products for SEK 40 million. Arla’s organic products and fossil-free transport was the reason for the agreement.

It is now settled that Arla will be Eskilstuna municipality’s dairy supplier. The agreement covers an annual volume of approximately 820 tonnes of fresh dairy products – the majority organic.

– These are volumes that we had not dared to count on. Therefore, we are both proud and happy to have won this deal. I also know that this particular agreement has been long awaited by many Arla farmers living in Eskilstuna, Anna Månsson, sales director for Arla Foodservice, says in a Press Release

The quality of the products and the wide organic range were partly the reason for the deal, as well as the price and the fossil-free transports that can deliver the dairy products in an environmental good way.

The purchase agreement runs up to four years, starting the 1st of April. In 2021 the revenues are expected to be of just over SEK 6 million growing to SEK 10 million a year.

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