Skånemejerier respond to mold accusations from the media

Aftonbladet and Viafree’s program 200 seconds today have a report from Skånemejerier. Filmed with a hidden camera the media reveals that the dairy is planing mold from its cheeses, before repackaging. Skånemejerier responds promptly with a press release.

In the press release Skånemejerier states:

”Due to today’s report in Aftonbladet, we want to answer the questions about Skånemejerier’s, ICA’s and Lidl’s household cheese, which is produced at our facility in Kristianstad. We want to emphasize that our production processes are based on the National Food Administration’s regulations, and that you as a consumer can feel safe with our products. The pictures in the report show pallets of household cheese with large amounts of mold. This is cheese that is to be discarded, but in the report, it appears as being subject to repackaging. This is not true. It is important to emphasize that with large amounts of mold, the cheese is discarded.”

In the press release Sånemejerier also explains, that in rare cases there may be mold on their household cheese that is noticed in the quality control. ”Most of this cheese is discarded, but some have been repackaged after removing small dots of surface mold”. Read the whole explanation HERE