Arla protests against fine from the competition authorities

Arla has been fined by the Swedish competition authorities for more than DKK 1 million SEK. Arla considers the fine to be unfair, as the company has notified the case on its own and thus used the rules of safe-conduct.

Arla has, according to the Swedish Competition Authority, exchanged prices with a competing company in connection with a municipal tender for the supply of dairy products. This happened four years ago and has now resulted in a fine.

From Arla’s point of view the story is not as simple. In a press release the company explains:

’When Arla 2018 discovered that an error had been committed by an individual employee in a price negotiation, Arla contacted the Swedish Competition Authority in accordance with the rules for the so-called remission-program. The error did not result in any financial gain for Arla and the intention of the remission program is that companies that discover and report these errors to the Swedish Competition Authority should not be fined.

Arla was transparent and submitted documents to the Swedish Competition Authority, which is now used against Arla. Arla opposes the Swedish Competition Authority and considers, that it is against the intention with the remission process. The Swedish Competition Authority’s actions may also abstain other companies from being as transparent as Arla’.

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