‘Västerbottensost’ hits the News feed twice in a week

This Thursday, one of the dairy news was, that Västerbottensost – again – has been ranked as one of the strongest brands in Sweden. But Västerbottensost also hit the News feed last Thursday with the story about a new packing that can reduce the usage of plastic.


Norrmejerier has an ambitious plan to reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging. First step is to reduce the size of the bags for grated Västerbottensost. This will reduce the annually amount of plastic with 1.5 tonnes.

– We continuously optimize the packaging. Now we are able to take a step in the right direction by doing something as simple as reducing the size of the bag. The challenge ahead will be to replace today’s plastic packaging with other more sustainable materials, while we at the same time fulfil the standards for food safety, Lina Jonsson Product Manager for Västerbottensost, said last week.

This week it was her college Maria Forsner, Brand Manager for Västerbottensost, that was quoted in the medias — because Västerbottensost was ranked as number eight among the strongest bands in Sweden

– It is fantastic that Västerbottensost gets such a fine placement among Sweden’s strongest brands. We are incredibly grateful and humbled that we have been on YouGov’s list for several years. It inspires us to continue our dedicated work in Burträsk with this unique cheese, Maria Forsner said.

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