Small-scale dairy has a good business with eight cows

Järvsö gårdsmjölk started its own production and distribution of milk in 2019. So far, it has been a success.

Järvsö gårdsmjölk and Göras Landbruk are run by Isabell Enkvist and Jon Görgård. Already last year, when they started the small-scale dairy, they received an award as Producer of the Year by the association MatVärdan in Gävleborg. The justification stated:

– They go against the flow and invest in milk production. Jon Görgård, who is the 13th generation in a straight line, runs together with Isabelle Enkvist, one of Järvsö’s oldest farms, where they produce both milk and meat. They have found a new way to satisfy the market for fresh milk – via a milk vending machine at ICA Järvsö, where you can buy milk under the Järvsö Gårdsmjölk-label.

In addition to the milk sale from the vending machine (which is currently out of order due to a fire in the ICA-store), the couple sells milk to local restaurants and ice cream factories. They achieve a milk price between 10 to 20 SEK per liters. The company states that they expect profitability in dairy production already next year.

The newsmedia ATL har visited the farm with eight dairy cows and a small-scale dairy. Read the article HERE