Locally food have a high score in Norrland’s municipalities

Which criteria are the most important when your municipality purchases food? This question Norrmejerier asked in a recent survey, and the answer from the municipalities was: Locally produced.

Last week this newsletter could tell about Grådö Dairy in Dalarna, that had received a large order from seven municipalities in its local area. A new survey from Norrmejerier shows that also municipalities in Norrland find locally produced foods important when they purchase for schools, preschools, nursing homes e.g.

– The public sector can make a major contribution to a stable food production in Sweden – with more jobs and a prosperous nature. Therefore it is good that so many municipalities say that want the food to be locally produced, Anna-Karin Karlsson, sustainability director at Norrmejerier, says.

In the survey 70 per cent of the responsible purchasers — in all municipalities in Jämtland, Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Västernorrland — answer that one of the three most important criteria when the municipality buys food is that the goods are produced in the same or nearby county. Swedish production (64 percent) and animal welfare (45 percent) are also stated as important criteria. The arguments for local production are, that it creates jobs, reduced climate impact and contribute to a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

The survey was conducted by Norrmejerier in September 2020 – read more HERE