Grådö Dairy receives a large order

Seven Municipalities in Dalerna signs a delivery agreement with the local dairy – Grådö Dairy in Hedemora

Grådö Dairy have signed a contract for the delivery of dairy goods to seven municipalities in Darlarna: Borlänge, Falun, Gagnef, Hedemora, Ludvika, Smedjebacken and Säter. The supply agreement started on the 1st of November and lasts for a year, Food-Supply notes referring to Dalarnas Tidningar.

The reason why the municipalities chose to cooperate with Grådö Dairy was, that the former wholesaler – the market hall in Sorunda’s warehouse and sales office in Mora – had to close down, due to poor sales as an effect of the corona pandemic. This meant, that municipalities had to find new suppliers, and picked Grådö Dairy as the supplier of dairy products.

– As a start we have agreed on a year. Then we hope that they like our products and will continue to buy, Staffan Eklöv, dairy manager at Grådö Dairy says to Dalarnas Tidningar.

Grådö Dairy has existed since 1953 – and since 2014 as a part of the company Falköpings Dairy.

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