Arla launches digital outlet to stop food wasting

Arla is ready with a new initiative towards food wasting. At the same time a new survey shows that the Swedes are good at using their senses instead of ”best-before-date”. This contributes to less waste of food.

In Sweden, 30-35% of all food produced is thrown away. To reduce food waste, Arla is opening a digital outlet where dairy products with a short shelf life are sold to reduced prices. The sale will take place on a new site, targeted at restaurants and shops.

Milk, yoghurt and other dairy products are fresh products with a best-before-date-label. But to reduce food wasting in the consumer link Arla – two years ago – launched the label ”often well after” to mark that, for example, the yoghurt has a significantly longer shelf life than what the best-before date states. A new survey conducted by Arla shows that Swedes are good at using their senses instead of the best-before-date to determine if the product is fresh.67 pct. say that they use their senses of sight, smell and taste. Read more HERE