Oat drink has become an everyday beverage in Sweden

The supply of oat drinks in Sweden has exploded and the sale have increased by 72 percent to SEK 594 million since 2018.

Today, there are over 70 different types of oat drink in the Swedish shops. In 2018 the number was 45. The demand for oat drink continues to increase and new players are entering the marked. An example is Valio, that launched its oat milk a year ago and now is the best-selling novelty in the segment. That is the message in a press release from Valio.

– After 25 years on the market, oat drink is no longer a trend. Instead, it is now a basic product in the Swedish beverage culture. It is consumed all over the country, but it has had the greatest impact in the Stockholm area and in Skåne, food historian Richard Tellström says. The press release contains new statistics from Nielsen on which parts of Sweden, where the population drink the most and the least oat milk. Read more HERE