Nine out of ten think that municipalities should buy local products

A new Sifo survey that Norrmejerier has commissioned show that 90 percent of the Swedes find it important that municipalities choose locally. For example, when they buy food for schools and nursing homes.

– The climate crisis and the Corona pandemic have made it clear that Sweden needs to increase its self-sufficiency in food. And the survey proves that the Swedes demand local produced food in public companies and institutions, Anna-Karin Karlsson, sustainability director at Norrmejerier says.

The result is in line with Norrmejerier’s vision of doing well for the local area as expressed in the slogan: ’Gör gott för Norrland’.

– Every year, municipalities trades services and goods for more than SEK 300 billion. By choosing locally produced, the public sector can make a major contribution to Swedish food production, Anna-Karin Karlsson says.

Read more about the survey HERE