Arla launches innovative milk drink

’Klöver® mjölkdryck’ is a new milk drink, based on filtered milk, which is left over from the production of lactose-free products. By using this residual product Arla can reduce food waste and produce a milk drink to a lower price.

Reducing food waste is a priority issue for Arla. Through this new innovation, we take advantage of the filtered milk (also called milk retentate), from the production of lactose-free products. So Arla Sweden states in a press release.

Klöver® milk drink is a completely new innovation in the milk category. Compared to Arla’s regular milk, it contains a little less fat and protein but just as much calcium. The new product has a slightly longer shelf life, which reduces food waste even for the consumer.

This new Swedish milk drink has the same good taste as regular fresh milk and fits just as well in pancakes as it works as a nutritious beverage, Konrad von Otter, category manager for milk at Arla Sweden, says.

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