Arla-farmers and their children feel exposed due to animal activists

According to the newspaper ATL, a recent survey among Arla-member shows that every seventh farmer is considering quitting milk production.


The survey, conducted by Arla, also reveals, that six out of ten dairy farmers feel insecure due to the risk of activists – and that, every fourth child in families with milk production has felt exposed due to the parent’s occupation.

Patrik Hansson, CEO of Arla Sweden says, that the result testifies an uncertain situation in Sweden. He calls it catastrophic that so many (14 pct.) are thinking of quitting. His concern applies especially to the future milk production.

– How do you get someone to invest in milk production under these circumstances, he asks and add:

– We have to take these problems seriously. They affect our food supply in Sweden, which makes it even more important.

2.300 Arla-members were asked to participate in the survey, only 400 responded.

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