From residues to gourmet cheese

Kärno is a new cheese variety, made on buttermilk – and brine, left over from the production of fermented gherkins.

The new cheese is a result of a collaboration between the compagnies Kinda Gurka and Löt Gårdsmejeri – both in Östergötland. But it is also the successful result of a pilot project completed by the two compagnies, Alfred Nobel Science Park and Vreta Kluster as an example on so called:  ’Svinnovation’. The method is to value waste in food production and match food companies to create new products. In this case waste, brine, from the fermentation of gherkins was matched with residues from the dairy, buttermilk.

At this moment the chefs behind restaurant Paul Taylor Lanthandeln in Stockholm buy the entire production of the new cheese.

Kärno has its own Facebook site HERE, where you can read more and see a film about the project.