Falköping ask organic farmers to switch to conventional production

Falköping Dairy has difficulty selling its organic milk and has asks its organic suppliers to consider conventional milk production. – Some of them are counting on it, says dairy manager Uno Elofsson to the newspaper Atl.


Falköping dairy weighs in 140 million kilos of milk per year. About 20 percent of the milk is Krav-certified (organic, red). Including its daughter company, Grådö dairy, the number is 220 million kilos of milk but with a slightly lower Krav share.

– We have a utilization rate of organic milk of 60-70 percent, and that is too little, Uno Elofsson says.

That is why the dairy has asked their 34 organic suppliers if anyone would consider to switch to conventional milk production.

Uno Elofsson recognize, that it’s a fine balance:

– There must not be too many who leave organic production, because then we can end up in the same situation as a few years ago, where we had too little eco-milk, he adds.

In order to increase the market for organic milk, the dairy has invested in export of organic powder and in organic cheese production, but without enough success.

Uno Elofsson also points out that the public debate has a major impact on the market.

A few years ago organic products was very popular. Now the issue among the customers are local production and oat alternatives, he explains to the newspaper. Read more HERE.