Dellenmejeriet has raised the milk price

Dellenmejeriet in Hälsingland has raised its milk price to the farmers from SEK 4.00 to SEK 4.10 per kilo, says chairman of the board Leif Björklund to the newspaper ATL.


In January 2018, ATL visited the newly, upstarted Dellenmejeriet. At that time, the raw material consisted of split deliveries from five Arla-farmers in the area. Now the group has increased to eight. Together they deliver about 49,000 litres of milk a week. (According to Arla’s rules for split deliveries in Sweden, Arla-farms can deliver up to 50 pct. of the milk to other dairies).

The farmers don’t own Dellenmejeriet. It’s a joint stock company, started and run by people who are dedicated to the local town and area.

Besides the increased milk price, Dellenmejeriet recently has introduced new packaging: Completely plant-based, including the cork.

Next goal is a milk price on five kr. per litre, but:

– There is still some way to go, Leif Björklund says to ATL.

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