Cafes boycott Oatly

Oatly faces international shitstorm after Blackstone investment deal. As a consequence, cafes are abandoning the company.

This summer Oatly landed a $200m investment deal with Blackstone, one of the largest private equity firms in the world, known for purchases of housing, investments in soy production in Brazil and maybe contributing toward Trump’s re-election effort. All actions, that doesn’t harmonise with Oatly’s image and ambition to save the climate.

The criticism is growing, not only in Skåne, where Oatly has its home base, but also cafes in in Germany, UK and Finland have reacted and changed to other suppliers of oat drink, Sydsvenskan writes in an article the 5th of September.

On its homepage the company responds to the critique and arguments:

– Getting a company like Blackstone to invest in us is something we have been working on to create maximum change to benefit the planet. From a sustainability perspective, we are convinced that helping shift the focus of massive capital towards sustainable approaches is potentially the single most important thing we can do for the planet in the long-term.