Skånemejerier collaborates to reduce methane emissions

In a new project — Skånemejerier, Ica, KLS Ugglarps and the startup company Volta Greentech — will investigate whether a feed supplement based on seaweed can reduce the emission of methane from cows.

Studies from Australia, show that a supplement in the feed, based on red seaweed, can reduce the emission of methane by more than 60 percent. This will now be tested in Sweden in a collaboration with, among others, Skånemejerier.

– We are convinced that collaborations are the best way to drive development forward. This project gives us an opportunity to investigate to what extent seaweed in feed can reduce emissions of methane from cows. For us, it is important that this feed supplement is easy to handle on farms and in feed production, that it bennefits to the well-being of the cows, and that the milk must maintain the same high quality, says Skånemejerier’s CEO José Antonio Lalanda.

It is Volta Greentech, a Swedish company that aims to make the agricultural sector more sustainable, that has developed the feed supplement (photo). The project is run by ICA, and Skånemejerier and KLS Ugglarps will test the business model and logistics on the farms and ensure, that the cows’ well-being is maintained, while they can produce milk and meat with a lower climate impact. The potential of the feed supplement must be investigated with special focus on three areas: the welfare of the cows, the possibilities for large-scale production and the impact on the products. Read more HERE