Norrmejerier invests SEK 10 million to reduce climate change

For five years, Norrmejerier will invest SEK 10 million in projects to reduce the climate impact in Norrland.


– Everyone must contribute as much as they can to slow down the climate crisis and for us, climate change demands even greater personal responsibility. We have been inspired by the criteria in the government initiative Klimatklivet to ensure that the projects we invest in have a high climate benefit, says Anna-Karin Karlsson, sustainability director at Norrmejerier.

At the moment, Norrmejerier is considering various investment alternatives — where investments in reduced food waste and energy efficiency of the dairies are judged to have the greatest potential to reduce the climate impact. The first project is expected to start this autumn.

Norrmejerier’s sustainability program extends to 2030 – aiming to  meet the UN’s global sustainability goals, Sweden’s national environmental goals and industry-specific initiatives. In Sweden, Norrmejerier wants to establish Norrland as a climate-positive zone with an active food production.

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