Gotland has the most cows

The latest statistics report from Jordbruksverket lists the number of cows in Sweden per municipality. Gotland tops the list with the most cows.

In a new statistics report, the Swedish Board of Agriculture focus on the number of cows per municipality in Sweden. The numbers apply for 2019 and includes both beef cows and dairy cows. Gotland tops the list of 19,200 cows in the municipality. This is followed by Falköping with 13,151 cows and Borgholm with 12,600 cows.

In addition, the number of organic cows has been listed. Here Linköping is at the top with 3,500 organic cows — or every third cow in the municipality. In second place is Falköping with 3,200 organic cows followed by Gotland with 2,500.

The statistics report also counts the number of companies with cows in the municipalities. Again Gotland’s municipality tops the list with 353 companies in June 2019. The magazine Jordbruksaktuelt has studied the numbers. Read more HERE