Dalsspira’s Grill Cheese in all Willys stores

Dalsspira, expands agreement with Axfood on Grill Cheese.

During the winter of 2019, Dalsspira made an agreement with Axfood, which meant that Dalsspira’s Grill Cheese was to be found in all Hemköp and Tempo stores in the country. In addition, the range was also selectable for Willys and Snabbgross.

Now Dalspira and Axfood has made a new agreement, which will take effect on week 37. This means that Dalsspira will expand its agreement so that also Willys will have Dalsspira Grill Cheese in the regular range in all af its stores in Sweden.

  • It’s fantastic that Axfood continues to invest in Swedish products. We experience a positive demand for Swedish Grill Cheese, but at the moment it is difficult to predict what the agreement will mean in terms of sales, says CEO Malin Jakobsson.


Dalsspira is located in Färgelanda, in Dalsland. Seven local farms deliver the milk to the dairy’s range of milk, cream, yoghurt and a few different cheeses.

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