ENEA and Gruppo Granarolo launch a milk suitable for everyone

From a collaboration between ENEA and Gruppo Granarolo, one of the leading dairy brand in Italy, comes G+milk, easily digestible, lactose free  and with 30% less sugar than whole milk. This innovative product, just arrived on supermarkets shelves, was created thanks to a production process patented by ENEA and Granarolo, based on a filtration process breaking down lactose into glucose and galactose and separating  the different components in order to obtain  a low-sugar milk.

The collaboration with Granarolo group is part of the research and development activities we’ve have conducted for many years in the agroindustry sector at the national level.  Our technological halls enable us to study, develop and test high-tech solutions to transfer to companies for the innovation of processes and products”, Massimo Iannetta, Head of the ENEA Biotechnologies and Agroindustry Division, points out.