DMK’s result improves

The DMK Group, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative and fourth biggest supplier to German retailers, is seeing positive initial bottom-line results from the company’s ongoing restructuring programme.

Provisional figures show a rise in sales to 5.8 billion euros in 2017 (2016: 5,1 billion euros), the operating result improved to 29.5 million euros (2016: 13.5 million euros). The milk price paid to the farmers over the year averaged out at around 36.29 eurocents per kilo including all average bonuses and the dividend. This means that DMK succeeded in paying a higher milk price in 2017 than its average competitors. The company is to announce details of its results at the time of the Annual Assembly in mid-June.

Being Germany´s largest dairy cooperative, the DMK Group with around 7.000 employees proceeds milk at 16 sites throughout Germany and at two sites in the Netherlands. A further six sites are available for the manufacture of baby food, ice cream and health products. There is also an administrative facility in Bremen. With brands such as MILRAM, Osterland, Oldenburger, Rose, Dutch Original Cheese, Humana, Casarelli, intact, sanotact, hansal and NORMI, the DMK Group is an established name for retailers and consumers in Germany and all over the world. With a turnover of 5.8 billion euros, the company is one of the key players in the European dairy industry.