Dairy UK and Brexit

Dairy UK has published the ’White Paper’ report for 2017 which details the ’game changing’ opportunities and challenges which the industry is facing over issues such as Brexit and consumer confidence in dairy foods.

Dairy UK have called Brexit the most defining issue the industry has faced for generations, with the White Paper 2017 identifying what Brexit needs to deliver to safeguard the future interests of an industry that employs more than 70,000 people, and has an overall turnover of nearly £28 billion.

On prospects for the industry, the White Paper reveals that an increasing demand for dairy globally is putting world milk production on an upward trend.

On the issue of Brexit, Dairy UK says;

  • Continued trading agreements with the EU without tariff and non-tariff barriers will mean massive export and growth opportunities – failure will damage exports and reduce demand for dairy;
  • The worst outcome from Brexit would be a return to WTO rules;
  • An unhurried transition period would give the industry the chance to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities Brexit creates;
  • Access to skilled and unskilled labour is vital – failure to maintain access will drive up operating costs, with a major impact on margins;
  • UK dairy farmers should not be disadvantaged compared with their European neighbours;
  • The Northern Ireland border issue should be resolved by creating a frictionless and seamless border regime that could be a blueprint for future arrangements with the EU.

The White Paper