Anarchist Poisoning Threat Prompts Recall of Dairy Products in Greece

In Greece, a recall of specific products produced by Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, and Greek dairy firm Delta has been initiated after an anarchist group claimed to have poisoned certain items which it threatened to release onto the shelves of stores in Athens between December 22 and January 5, an action it is calling ”Green Nemesis”.

The online threat claimed to have adulterated between one and three dozen packages of Coca-Cola Light, Nestea Lemon Ice Tea and Peach Ice Tea, Hellmann’s Caesar Salad Dressing, Pummaro tomato products, and Delta milk, using syringes to insert chlorine or hydrochloric acid into the product, according to the Green Nemesis message posted Monday on IndyMedia.  
All four companies have withdrawn the products cited, and the threat is being viewed as credible, reports EurActiv. The group claims it is not attempting to harm consumers, but intends to cause economic damage to the large companies via an enforced recall.