Benemilk Ltd’s operations reduced

BenecolShort-term outlook for Raisio plc’s subsidiary Benemilk Ltd is not favourable. Due to the dairy market crisis, customers are not ready to change their feeding models. Therefore, Raisio plc’s Board of Directors has decided to significantly reduce Benemilk’s business operations. Investments in the international commercialisation of the innovation will be minimised and for now, the focus will be on the pending patent processes and IPR protection against potential infringements.

Benemilk has two business areas. The ingredient business is based on the sale and marketing of palm oil-based raw material under the Primafat trade mark and on the related IPR. The licensing business includes the development, commercialisation and licensing of IPR based on the Benemilk innovation.

Benemilk Ltd was established in the spring 2013, and Raisio holds 57% of its shares.