Arla Foods, Nigerian Government Sign MOU on Dairy Sector

Following months of partnership discussions, Arla Foods, maker of Dano milk and one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, has entered into a strategic agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to provide enabling organisational structure and trainings that will facilitate the development of the dairy industry in Nigeria.

In general, the partnership agreement between Arla and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will see Arla work with partners in Nigeria to develop a sustainable dairy sector; use competencies on the cooperative model and farm management to increase yield per cow, support increased yield per cow through facilitation of genetic improvement program and feed improvement program, provide technical training to 200 professionals and smallholder dairy farmers every year to improve milk quality and product quality and partner with Ministry of Agriculture and farmers’ organizations and other relevant stakeholders to promote and strengthen the dairy cooperative system in Nigeria thereby giving farmers a strong voice and ensuring efficient distribution of knowledge. 

Other areas of Arla’s support to the Nigerian dairy sector will involve a partnership with universities, local training providers and extension workers, support involvement of Danish and European businesses and knowledge in the FMARD proposed breeding and feeding programs. Arla will also be extending support by way of promotional activities geared toward dairy development in Nigeria such as forum for dairy businesses, government actors, NGOs and other stakeholders.

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