Valio increases cheese exports to Sweden

Valio is expanding its cheese exports to Sweden and entering the cheese slices market, starting in May with full-fat cheese, Gouda and Port Salut slices ideal for Swedish tastes.

“Valio is actively seeking export markets for its cheeses since Russia halted food imports. We are the market leader in lactose free products in Sweden and have long-run experience of exporting fresh dairy products there. We believe that Swedish consumers will be attracted to our high-quality cheeses, too,” says Kimmo Luoma, Senior Vice President, Cheese at Valio.

Based on consumer testing, Valio concluded that full-fat cheese, Gouda and Port Salut slices would best suit the Swedish market in terms of taste. These same cheeses are sold in Finland under the Valio Turunmaa®, Valio Salaneuvos®, and Valio Luostari® brands.

“Given the degree of competition we need to offer consumers something the competitors don’t. And in addition to excellent taste, that’s the thinnest cheese slices on the market,” says Teea Björklund, Category Manager for Valio cheeses.

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