Arla UK Launches New Fat Free Product Line

Arla, the UK’s largest dairy company, is launching a unique and new branded milk product: Arla ‘Best of Both’ (Arla BOB®); fat-free milk that tastes as good as semi-skimmed, packaged with a distinctive yellow top.

The farmer-owned dairy cooperative has spent three years developing the technology to produce Arla BOB. It involves collecting some of the naturally occurring protein in milk and carefully adding more of it back into skimmed milk to deliver a taste and texture that is as good as semi-skimmed and fat-free. In addition, with Arla’s unique PurFiltreTM process, it also lasts longer in the fridge.

The launch of Arla BOB will be supported by a £7 million integrated marketing campaign designed to announce the product with bursts of ‘yellow’ across all consumer touch points. Featuring a national TV and shopper marketing campaign as well as 48 sheets, six sheets, press, digital and social media plus sampling and PR.

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