School Milk Programmes – Results of a global survey by FAO and IDF released on the World School Milk day

Results from a global survey on school milk programmes have just been published in a new Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation. This survey provides the most up to date information on school milk programmes and how these have developed since the last survey carried out by FAO in 1998.

Conducted jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Dairy Federation, with the support of Tetra Laval, this survey is the largest of its kind in many years. It provides an in-depth look at school milk programmes in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Some highlights of the survey include:

A total of 140 million children benefit from school milk, with around 57% of those receiving it at least 5 days per week.

In 58% of the programmes, children were provided with free milk. In 27% of the programmes, children were provided with subsidised milk.