EFSA proposes dietary reference values for calcium

EFSA has proposed dietary reference values (DRVs) for calcium, as part of its continuing work on DRVs for European citizens. The Scientific Opinion was finalised following a six-week public consultation.

Calcium is an integral component of the skeleton; approximately 99 % of total body calcium is found in bones and teeth, where it has a structural role. The remaining 1% performs vascular, neuromuscular and endocrine functions in cells and tissues.

The main dietary sources of calcium in European countries differ, although dairy products are generally the most important food group. Other rich food sources include dark green vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish with soft bones and calcium-fortified foods. Hard water also makes a significant contribution to calcium intake.

EFSA has also launched a public consultation on its draft Scientific Opinion on DRVs for iron. The deadline for comments is 19 July 2015.

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