The A2 Milk Company expands into the US market

  The a2 Milk Company™ was founded in 2000 by scientist Dr Corran McLachlan and Howard Patterson following a very significant discovery: different types of milk protein has a profound impact on people’s health and quality of life.
 Previous research from around the world had shown that, originally, all cows produced milk with only one type of beta-casein protein – called A2. Over time, a natural genetic variation occurred and another milk protein began appearing in European herds, called A1. This spread around the world and Dr Corran McLachlan learned that most cow’s milk had become a combination of A1 and A2 proteins. The science supports that A2 protein is closer to human and other mammalian forms of this important protein.
 Dr McLachlan’s work led him to focus on the A2 protein. He identified a correlation between populations consuming milk with higher levels of the A2 protein, and their respective health. Furthermore, by simply selecting the right type of cow, a2 Milk™ could be made available for everyone to enjoy.
 Armed with this scientific knowledge, Dr McLachlan teamed up with prominent New Zealand businessman and entrepreneur Howard Patterson to develop a2 Milk™. Together they shared a vision and belief that different milk proteins would have positive affect on human health.
 The a2 Milk Company performed ahead of plan during the past year and its strategic growth initiatives continued to gain momentum. The Company’s strategic plan is based on funding growth in priority international markets from increasing Australian profits.
 The Company has been developing a plan to launch a2MC branded milk into the USA market during the fourth quarter 2015. The Company will focus its selling activities in the West Coast region and base its administration activities in the centrally located State of Colorado in anticipation of further expansion over time.
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