Here’s what Coca-Cola’s low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein milk tastes like

  Fairlife advertises itself as ”cold-filtered” milk with less sugar and fat and more protein and calcium than its competitors. And not just that: Fairlife’s also lactose-free. The claims are as exciting as they’re capitalistic — high-end, ultra-healthy milk! — doubly so when you consider Fairlife is the latest creation by Coca-Cola, a company that built its legacy on soda, a leading cause of obesity, says.
 To the reporter’s surprise, Fairlife tastes, well, like milk. It looks and feels a little thicker than traditional milk, and has a slightly richer taste, especially the chocolate milk, which sits on the spectrum between chocolate shake and milk that’s stewed on a lazy Saturday morning in a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. But in a blind taste test, I’d probably struggle differentiating it from the other milks on sale at my grocer.
 Fairlife’s aftertaste is less appealing. A few minutes sipping a cup of chocolate Fairlife and then a cup of 2% Fairlife, the inside of my mouth had that malty feel that chases a protein shake. Makes sense: the filtration process used by Fairlife is the same one used to produce Coca-Cola’s protein shake, Core Power.
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