November 2014

Coca-Cola is launching a new kind of milk
Coca-Cola is launching a new kind of milk nationwide in the US that the company says will ”rain money”, Business Insider says on the web.
The product is called Fairlife and it will sell for twice the price of regular milk when it hits store shelves nationally in December, Coca-Cola’s North American chief Sandy Douglas said at Morgan Stanley’s Global Consumer Conference last week.
The milk doesn’t contain lactose, and it has 50% more protein and calcium than regular milk, as well as 30% less sugar.
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Oatly vinner striden, skriver Sydsvenskan
”I vanliga fall blir ingen glad av en stämningsansökan. Men skånska havredrycksbolaget Oatly har allt att vinna på striden med Svensk Mjölk. Även om de skulle förlora i rätten”, skriver Thomas Frostberg, krönikör på Sydsvenskan.
”Den organiserade mjölklobbyn i form av Svensk Mjölk är på väg att skjuta sig rejält i foten.”
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Onex to Acquire Packaging Maker SIG for Maximum $4.7 Billion
Onex Corp. agreed to buy Swiss juice-box maker SIG Combibloc Group AG for as much as 3.75 billion euros ($4.7 billion) as Canada’s largest buyout firm expands in Europe, says.
Onex will pay an initial 3.58 billion euros to Reynolds Group Holdings Ltd., part of Auckland-based Rank Group Ltd., when the deal is closed in the first quarter, with the remainder dependent on SIG meeting financial targets over the next two years, the company said in a statement today.
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Arla Foods Ingredients solutions to produce high quality speciality cheeses without fresh milk
Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a range of next-generation ‘recombining’ solutions that will enable dairy companies to produce high quality speciality cheeses without fresh milk.
The solutions offer dairy companies the opportunity to create recombined white, processed and cream cheeses based on Nutrilac® functional milk proteins, water and fat – usually butterfat or anhydrous milk fat (AMF). They work on existing recombining machinery and generate no whey side-stream, maximising output and reducing waste.
Recombined dairy products are particularly common in parts of the world where there is limited or no access to fresh milk. This is often the case in regions such as Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, China and Russia. Recombined liquid milk and simple yoghurts made from rehydrated milk powder are already widely manufactured. However, recombined speciality cheeses have traditionally proved more complex and challenging to produce.
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Lactalis bjuder över Arla på egyptiskt mejeriföretag
Franska Lactalis har lagt ett anbud på egyptiska Arab Dairy Products Company på LE66 per aktie vilket överstiger de tidigare buden från saudiska Arrow Food Distribution och Arla.
Arla har i september lagt ett icke-bindande bud på det börsnoterade Arab Dairy, som har sitt huvudsäte nära Kairo. Arla kommer i och med ett köp, som förutsätter att företagets ekonomi är god, att bli en av de fem-sex största mejeriaktörerna i Egypten.
Avhandlingar om UHT-mjölk och vassleprotein försvaras
De kommande veckorna kommer två avhandlingar inom mejeriområdet att försvaras vid två disputationer:
– Den 24 november disputerar Valentin Rauh med sin avhandling ”Impact of plasmin activity on the shelf life and stability of UHT milk” vid Århus Universitet i Danmark. Projektet har varit ett samarbete mellan Århus Universitet (Marianne Hammershøj, Lotte Bach Larsen), Köpenhamns Universitet (Richard Ipsen), Lunds Universitet (Marie Paulsson) och Arla Foods.
– Den 5 december disputerar Hanne Sørensen med sin avhandling ” Analysis and application of whey protein depleted skim milk systems – In relation to microstructure caused by microfiltration and ultra-high pressure homogenisation” vid Köpenhamns Universitet i Danmark. Projektet har varit ett samarbete mellan Köpenhamns Universitet (Richard Ipsen, Flemming Hofmann Larsen), Niels Bohr Institutet (Kell Mortensen), Lunds Universitet (Marie Paulsson) och Arla Foods.
Sports Yoghurt from Arla Foods Ingredients
More consumers want to be able to exercise more often and for longer. What they need is a fast, reenergising snack that speeds up muscle recovery and growth.
When it comes to satiety and muscle mass development, whey protein is a superior source of nutrition. That’s why Arla Foods Ingredients developed a concept for high-protein sports yoghurt containing 100% Nutrilac® whey protein.
To stimulate muscle regeneration even further, they added a good dose of carbs to our formulation. The result is an easy to digest drinking yoghurt with 28g of whey protein and 28g of carbs in each 250ml serving.
Raisio acquired Benecol business from affiliates of Johnson & Johnson
Effective 19 November 2014, Raisio Group acquired the Benecol business in the UK, Ireland and Belgium from Cilag GmbH International and amended its agreement concerning North American rights to Benecol with McNEIL-PPC, Inc. Both Cilag GmbH International and McNEIL-PPC, Inc. are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. In the UK and Ireland, Benecol is the market leader in cholesterol-lowering functional foods. The acquisition is estimated to increase Raisio’s EBIT by some 9 million euros annually.
“Benecol is a globally well-known cholesterol-lowering functional food brand owned by Raisio. The acquisition of the Benecol business in the UK, Ireland and Belgium as well as the amended agreement in the USA strongly support Raisio’s growth strategy with its branded business. In terms of Benecol products, Raisio’s long-term strategic goal is to enhance competitiveness in the existing markets, to expand into new markets as well as to innovate new products. Through this arrangement, we will have the opportunity to develop Benecol business on our own terms, following our strategic objectives,” says Raisio plc’s CEO Matti Rihko.
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Skånemejerier lanserar flytande crème fraiche i flaska
Skånemejerier lanserar nu flytande crème fraiche i flaska med skruvkork, Tetra Top. Smaken är den gamla hederliga, men konsistensen gör doseringen snabb, och förpackningen gör hanteringen och förvaringen enklare.
En fördel med produkten är att ingen vasslebildning uppstår som annars är vanligt i en öppnad crème fraiche-burk, om inte hela förpackningen användes direkt.
En annan fördel är att Flytande Crème Fraiche lättare blandar sig med övriga ingredienser.
Förpackningen innehåller 5 dl, fetthalten är 17 % och priset i butik 22-25 kr/st.
Oatly vs Svensk Mjölk fortsättning
I Sydsvenskan kunde vi häromdagen läsa om tämligen upprörda känslor från Oatlys vd Toni Petersson beträffande Svensk Mjölks stämning mot företagets marknadsföring.
Jonas Carlberg understryker i artikeln att stämningen på intet sätt riktar sig mot produkten Havredryck utan endast mot vissa begrepp som företaget använt i sin marknadsföring.
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New Research: “Bovine IgG may contribute to immune protection against RSV”
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection is the second most important cause of death in the first year of life, and early RSV infections are associated with the development of asthma. Breastfeeding and serum IgG have been shown to protect against RSV infection. Yet, many infants depend on bovine milk-based nutrition, which at present lacks intact immunoglobulins.
Researcher Gerco den Hartog et al aimed to investigate whether IgG purified from bovine milk (bIgG) can modulate immune responses against human RSV.
The conclusions are that the data presented show that bIgG binds to hRSV and other human respiratory pathogens and induces effector functions through binding to human FcγRII on phagocytes. Thus bovine IgG may contribute to immune protection against RSV.
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Irish Dairy Companies Expand in China
Glanbia is to market its top-selling Avonmore milk brand in China for the first time.
The move, which comes in advance of the abolition of milk quotas next year, marks the company’s first serious foray into China’s lucrative market for whole milk.
The Irish Dairy Board, one of Glanbia’s main rivals, launched its own milk product in China under the Kerrygold brand earlier this week.
Both firms are eager to tap the growing demand for premium dairy products in China.
Valio to detail iodine content on all milk cartons
As of this month, the iodine content of Valio PremierPlus protein-enriched milk will be detailed on the front and back of cartons in Finland and Sweden. By May 2015, the 16 micrograms per 100ml iodine content of all Valio basic, lactose-free, and protein-enriched milk and milk powder will be detailed beneath calcium on the nutrition label of each package.
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Brittish Dairy Crest sells Dairies operations to Müller UK & Ireland Group
Dairy Crest is announcing that it has agreed to sell the assets of its Dairies operations to Müller UK & Ireland Group for a consideration of £80 million payable in cash on completion.
The combination of Dairy Crest’s Dairies liquid milk operations with those of Müller Wiseman Dairies (the fresh milk, cream and butter business owned by Müller) will help to create a more sustainable UK dairy sector by delivering economies of scale and cost efficiencies that will underpin investment in the industry.
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Danone and Mengniu expand their strategic alliance to infant milk formula in China
Danone, Mengniu and Yashili announce that they have signed an agreement allowing Danone to take part in a private placement by Yashili totaling €437 million, at a price of HK$3.70 per share. The transaction will give Danone an equity stake of 25.0% in Yashili, which is one of the People’s Republic of China’s main infant milk companies. As part of this agreement, Danone will recommend candidates to serve as Yashili’s CEO.
Through this alliance, Danone, Mengniu and Yashili intend to expand and strengthen their cooperation in the infant milk formula (IMF) business in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The parties will study the possibility of an equity investment in Danone’s subsidiary Dumex China with a comparable minority stake.
Continuing-Education Course for the Food Industry Food Powder Amsterdam December 4 – 5, 2014
The course addresses specialists, engineers, technicians, planners and plant designers working with the development, optimization and manufacture of powdery food products.
After the course, the participants will have gained improved knowledge about processes for the use and manufacture of powders, about the properties of food powders, and about how to influence and optimize these properties.
Teachers are Tekn. Dr Livsm.teknik Christer Rosén and Tekn. Dr. Docent Anders Hallström.
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