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New FoodScan from FOSS

Foodscan2FOSS announces the FoodScan™ 2, a new near infrared (NIR) analyser that equips quality control managers to handle the increasingly complex and time-critical tasks involved in analysis of solid and semi-solid dairy products such as cheese, butter and fermented dairy products.

Building on FoodScan, the FoodScan 2 harnesses the latest in rapid near infrared analytical technology to give a time-to-result as low as just 15 seconds. The ability to place odd-shaped samples directly in the instrument also reduces sample preparation time, for example curds can be placed directly for a quick assessment during cheese processing.  An intuitive touch-screen interface makes operator training fast and simple.

Nils_fossNils Foss is turning 90 on 11 May. Born into a successful entrepreneurial family, Nils Foss has lifted the legacy. The ever curious and dedicated entrepreneur and business man recently established the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes, given for the third year in a row this year, and his life’s work, FOSS A/S, has just now achieved its best financial results in the history of the company.

FOSS presents best result ever

KimVejlbyHansenThe recent financial report of FOSS states:

  • Turnover has increased to DKK 2,1 bn. 
  • Operating income has increased in 2016 by 31 pct. to DKK 496 mill. (DKK 379 mill. in 2015) 
  • Profit margin is 23,4 pct. (18,8 pct. in 2015)
  • The organic growth in turnover is 8,1 pct. (adjusted for currency fluctuations)
  • Substantial progress on all markets and business segments – in a market with 4-5 pct. growth

— The good results are due to increased market shares and a growing market, Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO in FOSS says.

FOSS and Mérieux NutriSciences sign Strategic partnership agreement to improve food safety

Recently, FOSS entered into a strategic partnership with Mérieux NutriSciences, a global leader in analytical and consulting services. The partnership will help the two companies to team up in tackling the growing issue of food safety.

Drawing on respective areas of expertise, the strategic partnership lays the ground for both improved analytical services and the development of new analytical solutions that can target challenges faced by the food industry today.

One example is collaboration on ensuring food authenticity and integrity, with joint work around the detection and identification of adulteration agents. Another is the development of integrated analytical solutions that make it easier for food industry professionals to exploit the power of routine testing in their food safety management strategies. From the instrument set up to the regular maintenance and update of instruments, FOSS and Mérieux NutriSciences aim to provide an end-to-end service to their customers.

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New DairyScan for rapid tests on fat and moisture in cheese

FOSS announces the DairyScanTM, a new analytical instrument for testing the fat and moisture content of cheese during production and at final product release. The small, handy and easy-to-use analyser is aimed especially at smaller cheese makers producing less than 7000 tons per year.

A test with the DairyScan takes just 45 seconds, allowing busy producers to spot out-of-spec production before it impacts their yield and product quality. No chemicals or disposables are involved in the test and there’s no need for skilled lab technicians. The user just places the sample and pushes the start button.

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