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Mötesplatsen för oss inom mejeribranschen i Sverige

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Mejeriet tvingas stänga

Eddis ost förbjuds att tillverka, hantera, förvara och släppa ut livsmedel på marknaden. Om företaget bryter mot reglerna kommer Livsmedelsverket att döma ut ett vite om 50 000 kronor, skriver

Bristerna i hygienen var så omfattande och allvarliga att de livsmedel som tillverkats på platsen, och råvarorna som förvarats där, innebär en betydande risk för konsumenternas hälsa. Det konstaterade Livsmedelsverket under ett kontrollbesök.

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Protein solution cuts cream cheese-making process from 20 hours to just 30 minutes

Arla Foods Ingredients will launch one of the world’s fastest cream cheese manufacturing processes at Food Ingredients South America (São Paulo,Brazil, 21-23 August 2018).

Traditionally, cream cheese-making is a complex procedure that can take up to 20 hours and generates significant amounts of acid whey meaning it is inefficient, expensive and occupies valuable space on the production line. But thanks to a new whey protein ingredient solution from Arla Foods Ingredients – Nutrilac® CH-7694 – dairies can now reduce the cream cheese manufacturing process to just 30 minutes while increasing yield at the same time.

Low sugar for DMK

Health and a balanced diet have long ceased to be trend topics, but instead have been the long-running issue for many years. More and more consumers are paying attention to a health-conscious diet and are increasingly turning to products with as little sugar as possible.

The DMK Group meets this demand with its flagship brand MILRAM: The newly introduced products of the year, MILRAM Buttermilch Drink Grapefruit-Aronia (buttermilk with grapefruit and aronia) and MILRAM Buttermilch Drink Johannisbeere-Granatapfel (buttermilk with currant and pomegranate), contain comparatively little sugar. The same applies to the new MILRAM Feine Quarkcreme (fine quark cream) in raspberry, tangerine and mango flavours. The MILRAM Skyr Drinks focus on the consumers’ purchasing considerations of “a lot of protein and little fat”. Nevertheless, these new products also stand out with their comparatively low sugar content.

In future, MILRAM will also use less sugar in its existing products. Matthias Rensch, COO Business Unit Brand: “This year and next year, we will gradually reduce the added sugar so that consumers can get used to having less sugar. This is very important: We compensate for the lower sugar content not with sweeteners or sweetener-based aromas, but with milk and yoghurt. After all, the brand represents natural, genuine enjoyment. Apart from this, consumers are increasingly interested in a shorter list of ingredients. Clean and clear labels are a big topic.”

Nielsen:”UK Sugar Tax Had Minimal Effect On Consumer Behaviour”

The introduction of a new levy on sugar has had little impact on consumer behaviour in the UK, according to a report by market research firm Nielsen.

Some 62% of UK shoppers claim to have not changed their consumption behaviour ‘in any way’ following the introduction of the sugar tax, Nielsen says. Just 20% of respondents said they were checking sugar content on packages more frequently since the tax has come into effect.

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Fonterra goes to India

Fonterra has announced a joint venture partnership with one of India’s largest consumer companies, Future Consumer Ltd, to produce a range of consumer and foodservice dairy products that will help meet the growing demand for high-quality dairy nutrition in India.

“It will allow us to prepare the groundwork and make the most of our expertise as we enter the world’s largest and fastest growing dairy industry. Consumer demand for dairy in India over the next seven years is set to increase by 82 billion litres – seven times the forecasted growth for China”, says Lukas Paravicini, Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer Global Consumer and Foodservice.

Future Consumer Ltd is part of the Future Group which is leading the way in India by developing a new retail experience for consumers, with plans to launch 1,100 stores this year. The stores will be within close proximity of target consumers, and feature a complete digital experience both in-store and through a virtual market place.

Nytt pappersbatteri gör spårbarhet möjlig

BillerudKorsnäs har tillsammans med forskare på Uppsala universitet tagit ett viktigt steg mot framtidens pappersbatterier. Tillsammans har man tagit grundforskning baserad på ren cellulosa av alger och utvecklat den till att fungera med samma typ av fiber som BillerudKorsnäs vanligtvis använder för att tillverka förpackningsmaterial.

På sikt öppnar pappersbatteriet möjligheter att utveckla både smarta och mer hållbara förpackningar. Små pappersbatterier kan tillsammans med sensorer öppna vägen mot förpackningar som kan spåras genom hela transportkedjan. Till exempel förpackningar som i realtid mäter temperatur eller position och som berättar vad som händer med en vara under transport.

The taste of a cheese cannot be protected by Intellectual Property Law

On 25 July 2018 the European Court of Justice was asked for a preliminary ruling by a Dutch Court of Appeal whether the taste of a food such as a cheese can be protected by copyright. In his conclusions, the Advocate General considers that the taste of a food does not constitute a work within the meaning of the Directive 2001/29. It is now up to the European Court of Justice to take a final decision, EDA Dairy Flash writes.

“The idea to protect – beyond the geographical indications, trademarks and brand names – also the unique taste of a cheese is an interesting approach. Today’s legal instruments may indeed, as stated by the Advocate General, not be fit for this purpose”, stated EDA secretary general Alexander Anton.

Greek Olympus invests in Romania

Olympus, one of the biggest dairy producers in Romania, has invested €20 million in a new production line at its factory in Halchiu, near Brasov.

Romania-Insider reports that the new production line will allow the company to expand its local product portfolio with a new yogurt brand, Stragghisto, based on a traditional Greek yogurt recipe.

The new yogurt has the lowest lactose and highest protein contents of all similar products on the market due to the advanced production technology, according to the company.

Increased demand for imported food in China

Chinese consumers’ demand for imported food has been growing steadily as the standard of living in China improves, according to a statement from the General Administration of Customs.

China’s total food imports amounted to $58.28 billion last year, up 25 per cent year-on-year, while the annual average growth rate over the previous five years was 5.7 per cent, data from the administration showed.

The European Union remained China’s largest supplier of food, followed by the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia and Canada. Meat, oil, dairy, and seafood were among the most popular food imports in China.

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