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International Dairy Products’ Trends

After a very long downward trend in the global dairy market, an upward trend was seen from April 2016 to September 2017. In the last few months following September, a downward trend has once again surfaced. The extent to which the prices of the different dairy products in the international market increased differs.  The increase in the price of butter from the middle of 2016 to August 2017 was much higher than that of other types of dairy products, while the price of skimmed milk powder, a co-product of the manufacture of butter, remained much lower than that of other dairy products.

It appears that supply of and demand for dairy products in the international markets, with the exception of the supply of and demand for butter and skimmed milk powder, are at present fairly well balanced.

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Global Dairy Trade

IFCN Milk Price Statistic

Chr. Hansen enters into partnership with Rheolution Inc

Chr. Hansen has entered into a partnership with Rheolution Inc. on the global distribution of Rheolution’s CoaguSens™ and ElastoSens™ products.

Aimed at cheesemakers, the products offer real-time analytics of the milk coagulation process. In real time and near the vats, they measure the flocculation point (where solid particles are separated from the liquid), the milk gel firmness, as well as the speed of coagulation.

The milk gel-cutting step is often the least controlled step in the cheese making process, but with the insights that this technology can derive, cheesemakers will know precisely the optimal time to cut the cheese curd at a controlled firmness. This will enable them to retain the greatest amount of protein and fat from the milk in their cheese, thus increasing the overall value generated from the milk processed.

Dyrt att kärna eget smör för lokalt mejeri

Linda Pilcher äger ett lokalt litet mejeri utanför Halmstad, i Holm. Där är det fokus på ost, men hon får även förfrågningar från restauranger om hon gör eget smör också.

– Jag har funderat på att göra smör. Det är väldigt gott att kärna eget smör.

– Det kommer kosta 100 kronor per kilo smör bara att köpa mjölken för mig, om jag ska göra smör. Sen vill man ha något betalt för sin arbetsdag. Det tar säkert en dag att göra smör, säger Linda Pilcher till P4 Halland.

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Ny ordförande i Falköpings Mejeri

Efter 21 år i styrelsen varav 16 år som ordförande tackar Ulf Claesson för sig vid Falköpings Mejeris stämma i december.

Det var 1997 som Ulf Claesson, då 29 år, valdes in i styrelsen för Falköpings Mejeri. Fyra år senare utsågs han till ordförande efter Östen Andersson.

Det blir Claes Arnesson som tar över ordförandeskapet i Falköpings Mejeri efter Ulf Claesson. Han utlovar fortsatta investeringar i mejerierna och satsningar på marknadssidan.

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Report: Cheese consumption decreases the risk of heart diseases

Cheese contains a high content of saturated fatty acids but also lists of potentially beneficial nutrients. How long-term cheese consumption affects the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is unclear. A meta-analysis of prospective observational studies was conducted to evaluate the risks of total CVD, coronary heart disease (CHD), and stroke associated with cheese consumption.

This meta-analysis of prospective studies suggests a nonlinear inverse association between cheese consumption and risk of CVD, the authors

Guo-Chong Chen, Yan Wang, Xing Tong, Ignatius M. Y. Szeto, Gerrit Smit, Zeng-Ning Li and Li-Qiang Qin say.

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Arlas ordförande planerar för pension

Arlas ordförande Åke Hantoft, 65 år, har meddelat att han planerar att gå i pension och sälja sin mjölkgård i Ösarp, Halland.

Som en konsekvens har Åke Hantoft meddelat styrelsen att han kommer att avgå som styrelse-ordförande och sluta som styrelsemedlem vid representantskapets möte i maj 2019, eller när för-säljningen av gården har genomförts, beroende på vilket som kommer först. Styrelsen kommer att inleda en process för att utse Arlas nästa ordförande.

China Unilaterally Lowers Cheese Tariffs

Effective Dec. 1, 2017, China is unilaterally lowering its cheese tariffs from 12 percent to 8 percent. The reduction is part of a broader package of tariff cuts on food and consumer goods China announced last week to bolster consumer choice. Cheese was included among those products.

Over the last decade, China’s cheese imports soared more than seven-fold to nearly 100,000 metric tons. Already a top-10 cheese buyer, it is on pace to become the largest cheese importer in the world in the coming years.

Report: Instant Full Cream Milk Powder market will grow

The Instant Full Cream Milk Powder industry has suffered a certain impact, but still maintained a relatively optimistic growth, the past four years, a Wise Guy Report says.

The average annual growth rate has been 4.05 percent and sales increased from 1820 million $ in 2013 to 2050 million $ in 2016.

The analysts believe that in the next few years Instant Full Cream Milk Powder market size will be further expanded and by 2021 the market size  will reach 2410 million $.

FrieslandCampina closes Gütersloh plant

The closing of the site in German Gütersloh is a consequence of overcapacities in the highly fragmented German market and of years of loss-making production of private label desserts that make up the major part of the Gütersloh volumes. This category will be discontinued, while other product lines will be transferred to the plants in Cologne, Heilbronn and Maasdam in the Netherlands. Gütersloh processes German milk. The planned closure of production in Gütersloh is scheduled for March 2019. 231 employees will be affected by it.

Johan Westman new CEO for AAK

The Board of Directors of AAK AB has appointed Johan Westman as President and CEO of AAK AB. He is currently Senior Vice President Europe and Managing Director of the BlankLight division at Shiloh Industries. Shiloh Industries, Inc., with headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, USA.

Johan has close to 20 years of industrial experience in management consulting and from the automotive supplier industry. He was President and CEO of FinnvedenBulten AB between 2009 and 2014 and President of the Finnveden Metal Structures AB division 2008–2014. Prior to these positions he spent eight years in management consulting with Arthur D. Little.

Johan Westman, born in 1973, holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.