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Valio unveils UK product range

Valio will launch its brand in the UK at Food Matters Live this year. It will unveil its Fresh Finnish Thinking through a portfolio of unique, on trend product, which will appear on supermarket shelves in 2018.

Following extensive testing of a range of products that have experienced success in other markets, Valio is planning a comprehensive marketing campaign for the introduction of Valio Gefilus® Kefir yoghurts, Valio Finnish spreadable butters and cheddar with ValSa®, and Valio Master Butter Makers butter.

Ross Crittenden, Valio’s Executive VP of New Markets said: “We are excited to bring Valio’s Fresh Finnish Thinking to the UK. Our 110-year heritage of craftsmanship and tradition delivers the authenticity and provenance UK consumers demand. Valio’s innovative, new products are inspired by nature and driven by “sisu”, the uniquely Finnish passionate, spirited and determined characteristic that determines the Valio way of doing things.”

Dags att redan nu skriva in årsmötet i kalendern

Den 13 – 14 mars 2018 är det dags för föreningens årsmöte – skriv in det i din kalender. Vi träffas på kvällen den 13:e för gemenskap och middag på Hotell Tylebäck i Halmstad. Under förmiddagen den 14:e genomför vi årsmötesförhandlingarna och de följs av några intressanta föredrag. Därefter bär det av till Wapnö för lunch och rundvisning.

Detaljerna kring programmet kommer att presenteras senare liksom anmälan.

Milk goes down and non-dairy goes up in the US

Per capita consumption of fluid milk beverages decreased by close to 22% from 2000 to 2016. Through the same period, consumption of non-dairy plant-based milk alternatives has increased by triple digits. The decrease in dairy milk consumption can be interpreted as each consumer going from 10 glasses of milk each week to eight glasses per week, not much on an individual level but enormous when viewed in terms of the whole population on an annual basis. Even so, milk is still being consumed in over 90% of the households in the U.S, a report from Package Facts says.

Package Facts concludes that the reasons behind the decline in dairy milk consumption and the reasons for the rise in plant-based milks, such as health concerns, with a growing number of consumers coming to believe that plant-based foods are healthier than animal-based foods. Further, the report considers the growing consumer base that is motivated by animal welfare concerns, leading them to choose plant-based beverages, as well as other plant-based foods over animal-based products.

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Skånska ostskapare blev Årets Mathjälte

Vilhelmsdals gårdsmejeri har vunnit Lantliv mat&vins pris Årets Mathjälte 2017! Prisutdelningen var på Sthlm food&wine-mässan lördagen 11 november.

Christine och Lars Anderberg driver ett prisat gårdsmejeri, Vilhelmsdal mitt på natursköna Österlen.

– Det går åt 1 000 liter getmjölk till 100 kilo ost, resten blir vassle som blir till djurfoder åt köttdjur. Vi har 175 getter för tillfället som på sommaren ger 500 liter per dygn. Smaken på mjölken varierar med årstid inte med ålder på geten, säger Anderbergs.

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Arla and the Food Banks (FEBA) have signed an agreement to donate surplus products

Arla and the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) have signed an agreement to donate surplus products through the FEBA network partners in Europe.

The agreement formalises and builds on the partnerships already in place between Arla and local food bank FEBA members such as Fareshare in the UK, Fødevarebanken in Denmark and the Dutch food bank.

“Arla’s local partners are a great resource competent-wise and are often very active on a national level to influence policy making and communicating about the challenges. The new partnership strengthens our ability to benefit from the large network of food banks around Europe in case there are large surplus volumes to be redistributed, which is not possible for local food banks to absorb,” says Kristian Østerling Eriknauer, vice president of CSR in Arla.

In partnering with the FEBA, a non-profit network organisation which brings together 326 food banks in 23 countries throughout Europe, Arla intends to further increase its provision of food supplies to help support those in need. The move will also help Arla to achieve its goal to reduce food waste by halfby 2020.

Dairy industry pushing forward to commercialise science and drive innovation

The dairy industry is at the vanguard of commercialising research and development initiatives that will drive innovation, delegates at the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Belfast were told.

In a session chaired by Dr Jeremy Hill, Chief Science and Technology Officer of Fonterra, experts in the field of research and development in the dairy sector provided insight into how scientific breakthroughs will drive innovation and help define the industry’s vision for the future.

Dr Margrethe Jonkman, Corporate Director of Research and Development at FrieslandCampina, said: “Innovation is fundamental to the ongoing success of our industry and ensuring that dairy remains relevant in the long term. The current focus on sustainability must continue if the sector is to reduce its environmental footprint. More than ever, it is vitally important that innovation adds value not only to the producer but also to the consumer.”

Dairy Sector Continues To Grow Emerging Market Footprint

Dairy industry leaders at the World Dairy Summit in Belfast highlighted the continued impressive growth of the dairy sector in emerging markets across the world.

Speaking at the Summit in Belfast, industry leaders provided a clear indication that the future for dairy is bright in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The economic dynamism of East Asia continues to present an enormous growth opportunity for the global dairy sector.

Michael Hanley, Group Chief Executive, Lakeland Dairies – which operate both sides of the Irish border – said: “A substantial proportion of our revenues are generated from exports with over 200 of our products being exported to over 80 countries. A host of opportunities exist for dairy businesses in global emerging markets.”

“By 2050, three out of four people will either live in Africa of Asia. It is vital for dairy businesses in developed markets to invest time and resources in building a presence to ensure dairy remains an integral part of consumers’ diets in these markets.”

EU blåstempler danskernes favorit-ost

Den klassiske Danbo-ost er tildelt Beskyttet Geografisk Betegnelse (BGB) af EU-Kommissionen, skriver Fremover må osten kun fremstilles i Danmark efter ganske bestemte kvalitetskriterier.

Dermed kommer Danboen i selskab med oste som italienske Parmigiano Reggiano, franske Emmental de Savoie og danske Danablu og en lang række andre europæiske oste, der er beskyttet af EU under mærkerne BGB eller BOB (Beskyttet Oprindelses Betegnelse). Det betyder, at en Danbo-ost fremover skal være fremstillet i Danmark efter nogle bestemte retningslinjer og leve op til en særlig kvalitet for at kunne kaldes en Danbo – og dermed få et BGB-mærke på emballagen.

Probiotic dairy products for children: An untapped market with global appeal

Chr. Hansen launches culture solution for kids’ drinking yogurt with the probiotic strain L. rhamnosus, LGG®

The market for children’s products is increasing rapidly with the trend towards smaller families, combined with higher disposable incomes, and parents are looking for foods that are healthy as well as tasty and convenient. At the same time, the awareness of probiotics – good bacteria – is increasing, as more and more scientific data on the correlation between digestive health and overall health is published, creating new opportunities for the innovative dairy producer.

Now Chr. Hansen presents ProKids, a concept solution for a tasty probiotic children’s drinking yogurt. It is Chr. Hansen’s newly developed freeze-dried DVS® culture, nu-trish® GY-1, which contains the LGG® probiotic strain together with a compatible yogurt culture, and a proven recipe that make up the backbone of the ProKids concept.

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