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China will overtake the US as largest dairy market by 2022

New analysis from Euromonitor International suggests that China will replace the US as the world’s largest dairy market by 2022 as consumer demand for dairy grows in China, driven by an expanding appetite for yogurt, while US consumers become more wary of milk and flavoured milk drinks which they are perceiving to be unhealthy due to their high sugar content.

The world’s most modern snack plant begins operations in Finland

The plant uses about 30% less energy per unit of production than the old factory Valio Riihimäki. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, the plant makes efficient use of the waste heat generated during manufacturing. In the new type of refrigerated warehouse, the products are cooled quickly, while saving energy at the same time. The products are cooled by the free cooling method, so that in colder weather the low outside temperature is used to make the process more energy-efficient.

Thanks to the energy-saving technology and heat recovery systems, the new plant uses energy production from the existing heat production plant. In other words, there was no need to expand capacity. More than three-quarters of the thermal energy used at Valio Riihimäki comes from renewable fuel.

Significant resources have also been invested in effective and efficient food loss management has also been invested. The manufacturing and packaging equipment are designed to minimise product loss. The standards of hygiene in the plant are top-class, since the manufacturing equipment is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. The rigorous standards of hygiene reduce losses throughout the manufacturing chain, from the factory to the consumer’s table.

Key indicators:

  • The snack plant is the largest single investment in Valio’s history, with a value of EUR170 million.
  • Construction of the new snack plant began in 2014 and took about three years.
  • The plant site covers an area of about 53 hectares, of which about 265,000 square metres are floor space. The area of the plant building is approximately 20,000 square metres. The plant is a five-storey building.
  • More than 4,000 people were involved in building the plant during the three years of its construction. A total of about 1.1 million work hours went into construction of the plant.
  • The plant has an annual production capacity of around 120 million kilos.
  • Valio employs a total of about 440 people at Valio Riihimäki plants and in total Valio provides employment for more than 4,000 employees.

Dark Clouds Loom Over Dean Foods

The company, which has been bearing the brunt of high raw milk prices , marked its third straight earnings miss, in second-quarter 2017. This also compelled management to cut its bottom-line view for the full year.

While management announced plans to expand its cost productivity program with the quarterly results, its lowered earnings view for 2017 hints at a bumpy road ahead.

Evidently, the USDA data through May 2017 revealed that fluid milk volumes dipped 2.9% year over year, on a quarter-to-date basis. Likewise, Dean Foods’ share of U.S. fluid milk volumes contracted 30 basis points in the quarter under review. While volumes hampered sales, earnings were hurt by a rise in raw milk costs that escalated 15% year over year.

Mejeriet frodas i Sibirien

Furumossens gårdsmejeri i Sibirien började leverera mjölk i höstas. I dagarna såldes de första gräddlitrarna och planerna stoppar inte där.

Framöver kan det bli både yoghurt, smör och kanske ost. Gårdens första försöksostar ligger just nu till sig och mognar på Glada Geten gårdsmejeri i Lilla Oberöd, skriver Norra Skåne.

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Natura Life in Arla’s new packages for organic milk

The collaboration between Elopak and Stora Enso has resulted in the launch of the first gable top carton made from natural brown unbleached paperboard, creating the Naturally Pure-Pak® carton with a highly distinctive, natural look and feel.

The new paperboard, Natura Life by Stora Enso, retains the natural brown colour of the wood fibres and has a visible fibre structure. This creates a naturally different, sustainable and authentic package that meets demands from growing trends in ethical, ecological and organic products. The natural look and feel of the new Pure-Pak® carton supports the values of organic products and brings outstanding presence on shelf.

The Cheese Ingredients Market Grows

The Global Cheese Ingredients Market was worth USD 80.79 billion in 2016 and is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 3.1%, to reach USD 94.11 billion by 2021. The market is showcasing enormous potential in the mentioned forecasting period.

The demand for cheese as a key ingredient in various cuisines is rising globally. Factors such as the rapidly increasing size of the global fast food industry are expected to increase the demand for cheese ingredients. The demand for ingredients used in natural cheese market is majorly driven by the benefits it offers, such as, it is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and healthy bacteria (probiotics).

The demand for ingredients used for natural cheese production is driven by rising customer awareness about the health benefits associated with it. The major factors restraining the growth of the market are the unfavourable regulatory conditions such as the ban on the use of milk powder or condensed milk in cheese manufacturing in Italy, and the ban imposed by the U.S. FDA on the production and sale of artisanal cheeses is expected to hinder the market growth.

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Dalsspira tecknar regionalt avtal med Axfood

Dalsspira har tecknat avtal med Axfood om att få leverera lokalproducerade ko- och getmjölksprodukter till Hemköp och Willys i västra Sverige. Därmed har Dalsspira avtal med alla stora livsmedelskedjor i Sverige. 
Avtalet med Axfood innebär att Dalsspira från och med vecka 37, får möjlighet att leverera mjölk, grädde, crème fraiche samt getmjölk och getyoghurt till samtliga Hemköp och Willys butiker inom Bohuslän och Dalsland.

Arla blir grönare med bruna förpackningar

Arla tar nu ytterligare ett steg mot ännu grönare förpackningar på sina ekologiska mejeriprodukter. Genom att bland annat ta bort ett materialskikt minskas kartongens klimatpåverkan med hela 24 %. Det medför också att den klassiska vita ekoförpackningen nu blir brun.

Arlas övergripande ambition är att minska klimatpåverkan från förpackningarna med 25 % fram till år 2020, jämfört med 2005. Företaget är redan en god bit på väg och låter nu de ekologiska förpackningarna leda vägen för att minska klimatavtrycket ytterligare.

EU Court Says Plant-Based Products Cannot Have ’Dairy-Style’ Names

Vegan dairy-alternative products cannot be sold within the European Union [EU] under names including ‘milk’, ‘butter’ and ‘cheese’ following a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice [ECJ]. The ruling follows a case involving German food company Tofu Town, referred by the German court.

The Trier court battle between Tofu Town and VSW (German consumer protection group) saw the two sides clash over whether or not the product labels contravened EU regulations, with Tofu Town arguing that because it always used terms like ‘milk’ in conjunction with words relating to the product’s plant-based origins (i.e. Tofu Butter), it did not.

In addition, it argued, the general public’s understanding of these food terms has changed considerably in recent years. The Trier court asked the ECJ to intervene, and it ruled against Tofu Town, asserting that names like ‘milk’ and ‘cheese’ could not be legally used to describe vegan products.

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Statsministeren sprengte i gang meieribygging i Bergen

Tirsdag 15. august markerte statsminister Erna Solberg at byggingen av TINEs nye meieri på Flesland er i gang med en sprengladning. Det nye meieriet blir Nordens mest energieffektive.

Meieriet til over 800 millioner kroner vil ha moderne og energieffektive løsninger basert på fornybar energi. Dette innebærer tilkobling til fjernvarmenettet på Flesland og 6000 kvadratmeter solceller på taket for egenproduksjon av strøm. På tomta bygger TINE egen fyllestasjon for biodrivstoff til lastebilene – og ladestasjoner for elektriske privatbiler. TINE legger også til rette for gradvis overgang til elektrisk drevne distribusjonsbiler.

I selve produksjonsprosessen er det lagt opp til energieffektive løsninger som er bedre for miljøet. En varmepumpe som gjenvinner varme fra kjølelager og produserer damp for bruk i produksjonen, er ett eksempel. Meieriet på Flesland blir det første med en slik teknologi. Videre skal overskuddsvarme fra produksjonen gjenvinnes og brukes til gulvvarme, snøsmelting, varmtvann og oppvarming. I tillegg blir det energieffektive løsninger med LED-belysning, og annet teknisk utstyr som reduserer energiforbruket.

Meieriet vil ha seks moderne produksjonslinjer hvor det årlig skal produseres 36,2 millioner liter melk, 1,6 millioner liter fløte og 5,7 millioner liter juice.

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