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Study: Salmonella detection in powdered dairy products using a novel molecular tool

In the study by Yueming Zhao et al. at Key Laboratory of Dairy Science,  Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin China, the team developed a rapid, specific, and sensitive loop-mediated isothermal amplification technique combined with a lateral flow dipstick (LAMP-LFD) method to detect Salmonella targeting the siiA gene in powdered infant formula (PIF).

The results showed that the method of LAMP-LFD had a high diagnostic specificity of 100% for detection of Salmonella in PIF.

The results verified that the method of LAMP-LFD targeting the siiA gene is rapid, accurate, and sensitive for Salmonella detection in PIF, and that PMA shows great potential to be widely used to eliminate the amplicon contamination risk generated by the highly sensitive LAMP reaction in the detection process.

Read the report in Journal of Dairy Science

Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave

Danone and WhiteWave will now combine their activities in North America to operate as a Strategic Business Unit, named “DanoneWave”. As previously announced, the combination will include Danone Dairy’s and WhiteWave’s current North American businesses under the leadership of Lorna Davis, who has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the combined entity. Alpro will join forces with Danone Dairy as a key pillar of its new plant-based category, managed by Gustavo Valle, with the aim to expand and grow the plant-based category around the world.

Brexits betydelse för Arla

Peter Giørtz-Carlsen, chef för Arla Foods Europe, kommenterar i Ägarbladet hur Storbritanniens utträde ur EU kommer att påverka Arla. Det är
viktigt att ett handelsavtal inte kommer att begränsa den fria rörligheten.

Arlas affärsmodell bygger på det fria flödet av mjölkbaserade produkter till och från alla länder där vi producerar mjölk i Europa och det kommer att bli avgörande att vi kan handla fritt efter Brexit, säger han.

Arla investerer 89 mio. DKK i nordjysk anlæg

Arla har investerer omkring 12 millioner euro, svarende til 89 mio. kr., i en opgradering af produktionsanlægget AKAFA i Nordjylland.

Det vil gøre det muligt at udvide koncernens samlede produktion af modermælkserstatning (Infant Milk Formula – IMF). Anlægget AKAFA skal ikke udvides, men opgraderes til også at kunne producere IMF-produkter af høj kvalitet.

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New twin chamber cup

GIZEH has developed a new twin chamber cup for the market launch of a new yoghurt dessert line from Müller.

The cup combines Müller yoghurt with chocolate, biscuit or caramel chips of Milka, Oreo and Daim and is offered in four varieties and it’s eye-catching and high-quality impression was the top priority in its development.

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Study:Thermolon lowers fouling

Evaluation of a sol-gel–based stainless steel surface modification to reduce fouling and biofilm formation during pasteurization of milk by Dr Dylan Zhe Liu et al. at Kansas State University.

Milk fouling and biofilms are common problems in the dairy industry across many types of processing equipment. One way to reduce milk fouling and biofilms is to modify the characteristics of milk contact surfaces. This study examines the viability of using Thermolon (Porcelain Industries Inc., Dickson, TN), a sol-gel-based surface modification of stainless steel, during thermal processing of milk.

The Thermolon-modified surface showed potential in the thermal processing of milk, offering significantly lower fouling and bacterial attachment than the control surface.

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Rabobank: Butter Spreading, but Protein Failing to Lift

There is hesitation in the market as the outlook for currency changes, production levels, and stocks fuels short-term volatility, according to the Rabobank Global Dairy Quarterly Q1 2017.

With butter prices continuing to trade at near-record levels, it’s tempting to talk of ‘market spreads’. ”The spread between the elevated butter prices and skimmed milk powder prices—which continue to fall—has never been bigger and continues to widen, although it’s nearing its climax.

The market will again look to the European Commission to support European SMP prices—and therefore global dairy prices—as it now seems all but certain that intervention buying will be needed again in 2017.

As the year progresses, Rabobank sees global butter prices remaining firm. They will be needed to maintain margins due to the persistent low value of skimmed milk, which is likely to remain weak, but stable, supported by limited stocks in Oceania and intervention buying in Europe. Cheese prices are also likely to remain stable, given the continued growth in export markets. WMP prices are also likely to remain stable for the rest of 2017, supported by limited suppliers and limited available stocks.

Fortsatt smörbrist i norr

På grund av ökad efterfrågan på exempelvis Norrgott och grädde kommer Norrmejerier inte producera vanligt* smör under 2017. Norrmejerier fortsätter dock produktionen av Norrgott och har kunnat öka mängden av ekologiskt smör, nu i större förpackning.

Den främsta anledningen är en ökad efterfrågan på feta produkter. På två år har exempelvis försäljningen av Norrgott ökat med hela 20 procent. Under samma tid har även försäljningen av Norrmejeriers grädde ökat med 10 procent.

Tetra Pak Launches Two New On-the-Go Packages

tpa250-dc26-iced-coffee-mintTetra Pak has launched two new portion size packages, the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 200 and 250 Edge with DreamCap™ 26.

Building on the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 ml with DreamCap™, the new packages offer consumers smaller size options with the same re-sealable one-step closure for an optimised drinking experience.

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